CONCRETO is an Alliance for Education and Enterprises within the Erasmus+ Programme.
A 36-month project bringing together 13 partners from 5 EU countries to promote the GREEN REHABILITATION of EUROPEAN CONCRETE ARCHITECTURE.

Inspired by the Renaissance idea of the "Artist's Shop" or "La Bottega", the CONCRETO ALLIANCE will work together on a learner-centred, INNOVATIVE apprenticeship programme, where students and professionals acquire and practice skills on real-life examples, progressing from students to APPRENTICES.

The CONCRETO Partners recognise the LACK of specialist skills available and the NEED TO DEVELOP GUIDELINES AND STANDARDS for the quality regeneration and maintenance of our MODERN CONCRETE BUILDINGS.

From here, the INNOVATIVE IDEA of creating a cross-sectoral knowledge flow, promoting best practices by fostering a NEW SKILL SET to better equip professionals to become the experts of TOMORROW.


Give life to the CONCRETO ALLIANCE to promote transnational cooperation and mutual learning between academia, vocational training and professionals in the field, bridging the two-way approach, the principle (academia) and the practice (field) through all CONCRETO activities.

Bring together 84 students and more than 30 teachers to participate in the 3-year programme with activities in 3 EU countries and 1 UNESCO site in Ivrea (Italy), where the students will actively study, research and carry out “hands-on” exercises on selected architectures of the UNESCO Site as their final project (CONCRETO MASTERPIECE), contributing to their green sustainability.

Publish the CONCRETO GUIDELINES – the CORE of CONCRETO sustainability, and a MOOC (massive open online course) with the project results available on the open platform of the CONCRETO ACADEMY, a permanent opportunity for knowledge growth and exchange, promoting “smarter” and “greener” renovations.

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