Introduction to the Training and Practical Activities of CONCRETO 

CONCRETO Teaching activities involve both synchronous and asynchronous interactions among the participants, which includes students, professionals and craftworkers selected by Higher Education Institutions (HEIs), Trade Associations (TA) and Vocational Education and Training (VET) organizations.

CONCRETO identifies FIVE SKILL PILLARS of theoretical and practical knowledge for PROFESSIONALS to master, when engaged with the REHABILIATION and REGENERATION of our CONCRETE Heritage buildings:


Concrete Assessment Investigation

Concrete Repair

Traditional Repair and Electrochemical Repair

Concrete Surface Treatment

Concrete Retrofitting

and Improvement of Energy Performance

Concrete Monitoring

Site Management

The FIVE SKILL PILLARS are integrated in the CONCRETO intellectual journey through DIFFERENT LEARNING PROCESSES and METHODOLOGIES: Distance Learning; In-class lectures; Hands-on Practice; and Field work.

The CONCRETO learning activities start with distance learning and slowly become more practical as we move through the CONCRETO journey, to culminate with a full immersion hands-on experience TRANSFORMING the STUDENTS into APPRENTICES with the CONCRETO MASTERPIECE held at the UNESCO site of Ivrea, the industrial city founded by Adriano Olivetti. One learning activity “feeds” into the subsequent one, marking the progressive acquisition of skills and knowledge.

The CONCRETO Training and Practicing Activities (TTPA) align with the European Qualifications Framework (EQF), ensuring transferability of learning outcomes across countries.

The EUROPASS framework, along with European Digital Credentials, will be used to standardize the description and recognition of learning outcomes.



Introductory Online Learning

On-line 3 days

17 – 19 April 2024

This is the first teaching activity of the CONCRETO Apprenticeship Program.
This activity includes a 3-day online program, where the FIVE SKILL PILLARS will be introduced for the first time to the participants.
The initial activity will be an ex-ante assessment of the students’ and teachers’ expectations about the course and an assessment for the students of the individual skills’ knowledge regarding the Five Skills Pillars. Together with morning lectures, the students will be challenged in team exercises. The students will be organized in small teams including two HEIS students, one TA professional, and one VET Student per team.
Each afternoon of the three days, the teams will meet in a “virtual room” to work and analyse a real-life scenario. The aim is to foster teamwork and cross-sectoral collaboration together with an entrepreneurial mindset at the core of the program.

Master your Skills

Hybrid Practical Learning Module

On-site 10 days

2 – 12 June 2024

This hybrid course combines classroom lectures and practical sessions, marking the introduction of practical learning in the APPRENTICESHIP programme. Building on knowledge from CONCRETO STEPPINGSTONE and MASTER YOUR SKILLS, students work in small teams, practicing best techniques for assessing and intervening in quality architecture.

The course rotates annually among the 3 HEI partners:

Year 1: Politecnico di Milano, Italy (2024)

Year 2: Universidad Politécnica de Madrid/Fundacion Eduardo Torroja, Spain (2025)

Year 3: Middle East Technical University in Ankara, Türkiye (2026)


On-site Learning – 100% Practical

On-site 4 weeks

28 July – 24 August 2024

Held at the UNESCO site in Ivrea, Italy, the CONCRETO MASTERPIECE features significant modern architecture from the 1930s to 1960s, showcasing a unique industrial city. CONCRETO APPRENTICES work on selected buildings, contributing to the UNESCO site’s maintenance plan. Exclusive events (CONCRETO DIAMONDS) will be held during the summer camp.