Concreto Academy kicks off with a promising start

The Concreto Academy has officially launched its mission to advance modern concrete heritage conservation with an impactful kick-off meeting held on March 6th at the Town Hall of the City of Ivrea. The event, attended by a diverse and enthusiastic audience, marked the beginning of an ambitious Erasmus Plus funded project aimed at preserving architectural heritage through innovative approaches.

In a ceremony graced by the presence of Mayor Matteo Chiantore and Filippo Ghisi, the Site Manager of the UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Concreto Academy received a warm welcome and unequivocal support from the city administration. Mayor Chiantore reiterated the city’s commitment to the initiative, emphasizing the importance of collaboration and shared responsibility in safeguarding cultural legacies.

Elisabetta Margiotta Nervi, the Project Coordinator and Secretary General of the PLN Project Foundation, provided an insightful overview of the Concreto project’s objectives and structure, setting the stage for Irene Matteini, Scientific Director of the Concreto Initiative, to delve into the educational aspects of the endeavor. Their presentations illuminated the significance of the Concreto Academy’s mission in preserving concrete heritage for future generations.

A pivotal moment of collaboration occurred as Elisabetta Margiotta Nervi and Mayor Matteo Chiantore signed a Memorandum of Understanding, solidifying a successful partnership between the PLN Project Foundation and the city of Ivrea, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Following the official launch ceremony, participants embarked on an enlightening visit to the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Ivrea, gaining firsthand insights into the significance of concrete heritage conservation. Subsequently, they convened to prepare for the tasks ahead, with a particular focus on the Concreto lab desk research presented by DOCOMOMO International.

The spirit of sustainable regeneration and knowledge sharing permeated the discussions, reflecting the collective dedication of all involved parties to the success of the Concreto Academy. As the project embarks on its journey, stakeholders express optimism for a fruitful collaboration and meaningful contributions to architectural heritage conservation.

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