Successful Meeting Sets Stage for CONCRETO Masterpiece in Ivrea

Ivrea, Italy – November 27, 2023

In a significant stride toward fostering sustainable restoration efforts, a productive meeting was held today between the Mayor and staff of the city of Ivrea and representatives from CONCRETO, a pioneering initiative in architectural conservation and education. Ivrea, renowned as an iconic Italian industrial town and the historic headquarters of Olivetti, a multinational company pivotal in early computer technology, played host to the gathering.

The primary focus of the meeting was the organization of the CONCRETO Masterpiece, a flagship event central to the broader CONCRETO activities. A key highlight is the collaboration’s commitment to assisting in the maintenance of the Ivrea UNESCO site. This historic site, rich in architectural heritage, stands as a testament to the industrial legacy of the region.

CONCRETO plans to contribute to the preservation of the Ivrea UNESCO site through engaging workshop activities. Students participating in the CONCRETO Masterpiece summer camp will play a vital role in the respectful and environmentally conscious restoration of concrete buildings that are integral to the UNESCO site.

Ivrea, with its unique blend of historical significance and modern industrial heritage, provides an ideal backdrop for CONCRETO’s mission. The initiative not only seeks to restore the tangible cultural assets of the region but also aims to create a platform for the education and hands-on experience of students interested in architectural conservation.

The upcoming CONCRETO event, scheduled for August 2024, promises to be a landmark occasion. The Masterpiece summer camp is anticipated to draw students, professionals, and enthusiasts alike, all contributing to the restoration efforts while immersing themselves in the rich cultural tapestry of Ivrea.

As the city looks forward to hosting the inaugural CONCRETO event, the collaboration signifies a commendable step towards preserving the historical charm of Ivrea while fostering a new generation of stewards for architectural heritage.